Serpent Isle in French & Tisane

Produced by: Klown Killer and Artaxerxes
Website: Serpent Isle in French and Tisane

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An offshoot of the Exult project, SI French is an effort to translate one of the greatest of the Ultima games from English to French. For Windows, the program has been released as a standalone executeable, while for Linux it has been released as a game patch.

The project did reached an essentially complete state, and released a couple of versions of its modifications. While it appears that it is no longer being worked on, its website is still up.

SI French requires Exult to work.

Also included above is Tisane, by Artaxerxes. Tisane is a web-based translation utility for Ultima 7 conversations; it can run on any web server that supports PHP5 and SQLite 3.

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