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One of the most well-known Ultima fan projects, Exult is a cross-platform reworking of the Ultima 7 engine.

Exult on Dingux

A port of Exult to Dingux, a custom Linux kernel for the Dingoo portable media player.

Ultima 7: The Feudal Lands

A remake and expansion of Ultima 7, that aims to unify The Black Gate and Serpent Isle as well as tell the tale of another lost Sosarian land.

Exult 3D

A short-lived project that aimed to re-create the Exult engine as a truly 3D engine.

The Ultima 7 Wizard

This program allows for the editing of maps, scenery, and objects of Ultima 7 and Serpent Isle.

Wired Upgrades for Exult

A series of four small update patches released for Exult by a consortium of folks through the Wired Entertainment website (which is currently down).

Portable Ultima Patches

A set of patches for Ultima 1 through Ultima 7 Part 2: Serpent Isle, which should theoretically be applicable to most installations of the games, inside or outside of DOSBox.