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The Black Gate


One of the most well-known Ultima fan projects, Exult is a cross-platform reworking of the Ultima 7 engine.

Exult Rotate

A mod for the latest Exult 1.4.9 release that rotates the view 45 degrees about a vertical axis. It makes Ultima 7 look very different!

Exult on Dingux

A port of Exult to Dingux, a custom Linux kernel for the Dingoo portable media player.

Ultima 7: The Feudal Lands

A remake and expansion of Ultima 7, that aims to unify The Black Gate and Serpent Isle as well as tell the tale of another lost Sosarian land.

Exult 3D

A short-lived project that aimed to re-create the Exult engine as a truly 3D engine.

The Ultima 7 Upgrade

Dagon Dragon’s combination patch incorporates both Newton Dragon’s MIDI patch and Gaseous Dragon’s Win9x patch for Ultima 7 into one cohesive upgrade.

Portable Ultima Patches

A set of patches for Ultima 1 through Ultima 7 Part 2: Serpent Isle, which should theoretically be applicable to most installations of the games, inside or outside of DOSBox.

SI BG Merge

An interesting mod for Exult that imports the shapes from The Black Gate into Serpent Isle